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  • Rodrigo Braz Vieira

Sirwa Scandi Chris Norwy - S4C/BBC Norway

In the gorgeous Norwegian summer this year, we had the pleasure to contribute with the Welsh production house CWMNI DA for the shoot of the culinary program Sirwa Scandi Chris, with the acclaimed welsh chef Chris "Flamebaster" Roberts for the welsh speaking channel S4C

Chris takes a deep dive in the secrets and flavors of the Norwegian cuisine, where sustainability, fresh local products, foraging and traditional and contemporary cooking techniques are on focus. The program took place in Bergen and in Oslo.

Fixer in Oslo provided local production support services such as:

- Transportation

- Fixer

- Location Scouting

- Preps arrangements

- Film Permits

- Pre-Production and Research

The show aired recently on 29th of November and can be seen on both S4C or BBC iPlayer

Some behind the scenes pictures:

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